Writing About Personal Experiences

Everyone has a story to tell and an audience that would like to read about it. It is easier than you may think.

Among the most interesting stories are those that deal with the lives of individuals. Each person has a unique tale to tell, from childhood to old age. Often there are life-lessons that can be shared, for example, something as simple as why a first date went wrong or remembering a unnusual experience with a parent or best friend.

StarWriting About Personal Experiencesting Out Listing Important and Not-so-Important Events

A chronological history of your life can bring to mind times when events, small or large, left lasting impressions in your memory. Some people can recall incidents earlier than others, in fact, sometimes first memories may begin around two years of age. The time periods can be divided into childhood, primary school, middle school, high school, college, or specifically year-by-year.

The Advantage of Writing About What You Already Know

As you search your memory by going back in time, make notes about such things as the first day you started school, your first job, things that frightened you as a child or later as an adult or about special happenings that had an impact on your life.

There are occasions, such as a walk in a garden, a near-miss driving incident, a pet that has come to mean a great deal to you, the day your first child was born, how a death in the family affected you, that can bring forth  a good story.

Even your anticipation for the future, desires, goals, hopes, objectives, and plans can make for interesting essays. A trip you are planning, reasons for continuing to work, retirement plans, expectations for old age, and other dreams that you often think about can provide essay ideas.

Reading What Others Have Written as a Guideline

Getting started is always the hardest part for any writer, whether fiction or nonfiction. Oftentimes reading the articles or essays written by those you admire can suggest an idea or style of writing that fits well with your personal experiences.

In her book, Writing from the Heart: How to Write and Sell Your Life Experiences, Marjorie Holmes lists using advice, protest and controversy, nostalgia, humor and inspiration among other article suggestions. She lays out five fundamentals of a good creative article: a provocative idea, an appropriate style, a smooth, sound structure, pertinent human anecdotes, and a good, clear summary or conclusion.

Opportunities for Publishing Personal Experiences

While there are still print magazines and journals that publish personal articles or top essay writing reviews, the Internet also provides opportunities to bring your words to readers. Many writers use blogs in which they control the entries, others are finding other sites that sometimes offer payment, or a share in the advertising revenue that is published on the page

Writing personal experiences are not only a way to share true stories with readers but in addition, can become a personal history as a legacy for family and friends of your life adventures.