Wordly Wise Ch. 2 Vocab words for lessons 4, 5, & 6

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Term Definition
Ramshackle Shaky and Ready to fall apart
Cudgel Short, Thick Club
Dainty Pretty in a Delicate Way
Languish To Become Weak
Irascible Easily Angered
Pathos Suffering and the Quality that arouses pity
Cluster A group of things going together
Dismal Dark and Gloomy
Preen To smooth feathers with a beak and to clean yourself up (human)
Emphatic Forcefully expressed
Enmity Hatred
Flail A tool used to husk grain
Nondescript Not Definite; hard to describe; ordinary
Essay A short piece of writing on a single topic; To attempt
Cower To draw back with fear
Aviary A large cage for birds
Advance To move ahead; payment for future services; friendly gestures
Wield To handle skillfully
Babble Foolish talk; baby talk; splashing noises
Ashen Pale and gray
Banter To joke or tease playfully
Austere Strict; harsh
Abscess A reddened, puss filled sore
Tumor An abnormal growth in cells
Heirloom A valued article handed down in a family
Boisterous Rough and noisy
Pensive Thinking deeply; thoughtful
Relic Something that remains in the past; an object that belonged to a saint
Maneuver A skillful move
Enlighten To give knowledge or truth to
Commotion A noisy rushing about confusion
Duplicate To copy exactly
Baste To pour hot juices all over something
Snob Person who looks down on others
Tycoon Business leader who is wealthy and powerful
Untimely Coming at the wrong time
Topic Main idea of a story; subject
Retrieve Take back; recover
Ebb Flow back
Anthem A song with words of praise
Nosegay Small bunch of flowers
Extol To Praise
Fatality A death caused by an accident
Depress To make unhappy or gloomy
Curio An unusual or rare object
Fanatic A person with unreasonable zest
Reinforce To make stronger
Accurate Correct and Exact
Wheedle To persuade by flattery
Envelop Cover Completely
Daunt Make Afraid
Chasm Deep crack or gap in the Earth
Brash Bold or rude; impudent
Barb Sharp blade on a fish hook