Us history words

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Term Definition
Sectionalism Loyalty that many Americans feel towards their section or region
Abolitionists Reformers who saw slavery as the moral evil
Fredrick Douglas Educated novelist who wrote book about what he endured in the south
Missouri compromise Allowed admission of a free state and a slave state to be admitted to union for balance of power
Compromise of 1850 Allowed state to decide if they wanna be a free state or slave state
Fugitive slave act Law requiring free states in the north to cooperate in returning runaway slave as in the south
Kansas Nebraska act Allowed citizens to decide if it's a free state or slave state
Republican Party Party was against slavery
Dred Scott decision Slave born in slave state ,moved to free state , and then went back to a slave state where he filed a lawsuit and lost
John browns raid White southern abolitionist that fought against slavery
Abraham Lincoln Signed the emancipation proclamation during slavery and freed slaves in the north territory
Session Breaking away from an established unit
Jefferson Davis Confederacy president during the civil war
Emancipation proclamation Executive order that freed slaves in the Northern Territory
Apporative Place where the south surrendered to the north