Unit 2 History Exam Dewey

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Question Answer
Who were Kind Henry VIII's successors? 1. his third born son, Edward VI, 2. Lady Jane, 3. second child, Elizabeth
Edward VI son of Jane Seymour; became king of England at age 10; promoted Protestant reforms; succeeded by his oddest sister, Mary I
Lady Jane Mary first cousin of Edward VI; "Nine-Day Queen"; executed by Mary I
Mary I married Spanish King Philip II; restored English membership in the Roman Catholic Church; executed protestants; "BLOODY MARY"; died childless
Elizabeth I Endorsed Protestantism; middle ground with religion; healed the rift between English Catholics and English
The Super Powers during 1550-1650 1. Spain 2. France………. 3. England
The Super Powers during 1650-1750 1a. England 1b. France (Spain never rises back up)
Netherlanders a Germanic ethnic group native to the Netherlands
English defeat id the Spanish Armada causes: English raiding and divisive religious perspectives
effects: -English Protestantism protected permanently -Beginning of English Nationalism (unity) -Ushered in the decline of Spain
French Wars of Religion 1. 70 years of intermittent fighting between Catholics and Protestants 2. 1560's France was controlled by the Guise Royal family 3. Henry VI becomes the French King in 1589
The Thirty Years War 1. 30 y. of continental warfare w/ 4 phases 2. fought primarily in the Holy Roman Empire 3. Started as religious war, then became a war of national political self-interest 4. Protestantism secured for long-term 5. France was political winner 6. Spain lost
4 phases of Thirty Years War 1. Bohemian
2. Danish
3. Swedish
4. French
first two phases were local and religious and the second two were continental and political
Ferdinand II spanish origin who becomes King of Bohemia in 1617; Ferdinand was Catholic and Bohemia was Protestant
Defenestration of Prague 1. Catholic ambassador's mistreated by local Protestant leaders; Spark of the war
Peace of Westphalia thirty years war ends with Peace of Westphalia; French became the dominate power of Europe- Spain's powers slipping away
James I had power both politically and religiously; wanted to raise taxes without approval from Parliament; James wanted Anglicanism but the Scottish wanted Presbyterianism
Charles I James I was his father; Anti-puritan; Married the daughter of King Louis XIII; Parliament passes laws limiting the Kings power
Cavaliers vs. Roundheads civil war between the King and Parliament; King's supporters= Cavaliers; Parliament's supports= Roundheads
King's Trial and Execution Parliament won the war (Charles I lost); King was arrested and public executed on January 30, 1649
Oliver Cromwell Roundhead General; was granted sole authority in England
Commonwealth commonwealth=Republic; Oliver Cromwell head of state; Parliament removed any supporters of King Charles I
Restoration of Monarchy the Parliament passes a motion to return to a Monarchy; Charles II was asked to return from exile as King' English Monarchy was restored
Absolutism a doctrine that a Monarch was the sole Authority and the source of all Law in his or her realm; Dictator
Louis XIV always wanted to be center of attention; ruled from 1643 until his death in 1715: built the castle of Versailles