The Great Schism Byzantine & Mongols Test Info

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Question Answer
Define schism. split
What was the great schism of 1054? (aka East-West schism) the event that split the Christian church into eastern and western sects
What was the significance of the schism and its results? it was the 1st definitive break in christian unity. Out of this break cam the western Roman Catholic church, and the Eastern Orthodox church.
What was the differences between the Eastern (Orthodox) and the Western (Roman Catholic) West: Latin services; priests can't marry; forbid divorce; allowed use of icons. East: Greek services; priest can marry, divorce allowed in certain circumstances; outlawed use of icons.
What was the deal breaker or final straw?
Define excommunication. to be expelled from a church and all the ceremonies associated with the faith (i.e. baptism, marriage, confession, last rite)
What was born out of the break (split)? The Eastern Orthodox Church was born.
What were some results of the split? Eastern Orthodoxy would dominate Eastern Europe in the form of Greek and Russian Orthodoxy; helps to explain differences between E & W Europe; split was nasty, led to crusades. Western knights sacked Constantinople & killed Orthodox Christians.