The Crucible Test Quotes, Characters, etc.

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Question Answer
Tituba Slave from barbados works for rev parris, confesses in witchcraft, and summoning the devil, helps ruth "Summon" (conjure) the dead,
Rev Parris (Samuel) Ministe, middle 40's, villianous path, lies, always worried about his reputation, gets his money stolen be abigal and mercy lewis, etc.
Betty Fakes witchcraft to stay outta trouble, rev parris's daughter, lies inert in scene 1, was in the forest with the girls
Ann Putnam twistedd drak old lady, accuses rebecca nurse of killing her babies and making ruth "ill", thomas putnam is her husband
Thomas putnam Rich, owns lots of land, husband to ann putnam, fiighting with porctor about land.
Mercy Lewis Fat sly merciless girl, putnams servant, one of the girls in the forest, runs away with abigal at the end
Abigail Williams Had an affair with proctor, 17 years old, Parris's neice and BEtty's Cousin, rebellious, leads the group of girls in accusations, etc.
Mary Warren Seventeen, Proctors servant, one of the girls in the forest.
John Proctor