Sun, Moon and Planet 5th grade

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Question Answer
What star is closest to the Earth? Sun
Which of the following can be seen at night? Stars, crescent moon, Venus and Saturn.
Which items are not in our solar system? Stars, Black hole and Galaxy
What instrument makes faraway objects seem closer? Telescope
What is a model? Representation of something that is too big. A way to represent a concept.
What direction does the sun rise? East
What direction will the sun set? West
Where is the sun at noon? Highest point in the sky.
HOW does the sun travel across the sky during the day? Sun moves from east to west.
WHY does the sun appear to travel across the sky during the day? Sun is in one place. Earth rotates to the east on it's axis.
What information can a shadow give you? Position of the sun, time of day and where East and West are.
Shadows are always on the ____________side from the sun. Opposite
Shadow Dark area where an object has blocked the light.
What do you need to have a shadow? Light source and object to block light.
Where will your shadow be if the sun is behind you? Front of you.
Where will the shadow be if the sun is in front of you. Back of you.
What direction do shadows always point? Away from the sun.
What times will you be able to see the moon? Night, early morning, before sunset, after sunrise.
How many weeks are between full moons? 4 weeks
How long does it take for the moon to orbit earth? 1 month
Why does the shape of the moon appear to change each night? Moon revolves around the earth
Why does the moon appear to move across the sky each night? Earth rotates on it's axis.
Why does the moon look a little bit different every night? As the moon revolves around the earth, we see a different part of the lighted side.
Why does the moon look like it shines? The light from the sun shines on the moon and the sunlight reflects back to us.
What causes the seasons on Earth? Tilt of the earth.
When will your shadow be the longest? Sunrise in winter.
When will your shadow be the shortest? Noon in summer.
How does a flagpole's shadow change over a year? In the summer the shadows are shorter and in the winter the shadows are longer.
Why do shadows change over a year? In the summer the sun is higher in the sky and winter the sun is lower.
In the morning, you are facing west. Where will your shadow be? In front of you.
What causes day and night on earth? Earth rotates on its axis. Rotation of earth.
Orbit To go around or movement
Rotate spin