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What system provided native Americans and their land to early colonists for use Enclumanida system
What labor intensive crop required an increase in the number of slaves traded in order to meet production demands Sugar cane
What was the impact of the Atlantic slave trade on the African states Mercantilism
What is balance of trade?would a parent country want to export more of import more Import and export the same amount. A country would want to export more
What was the reasoning for China and Japan returning to isolation after a period of European interaction They were very strict on their culture and they didna??t want Europeiens messing with that
How did northern Italy significant to the renaissance It was the birth place of the renaissance
When did the emphasis on the individual develop and become a popular theme in art and writing The renaissance
What made Chaucera??s Canterbury tails so significant? What technique did he use It was written in vernacular. It showed a difference in social class
What factors contributed to the increase in wealth of northern Italian city-states? Common currency, banks and lending, patrons of the arts, trade in the Mediterranean after crusaders
Identify who saida??the end justifies the meansa??and explain what that means Machiavelli. As Long as you have a positive rule to the state ita??s ok
How did thinking change during the renaissance? In what ways did renaissance thinking impact the Catholic Church shift to humanistic thinking and secular ways
Explain what humanism is and how I was difficult from Christian Humanism Humanism is the study of humans to improve themselves and Christian humanism is the rule of man in the church