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Term Definition
Budget an itemized list of expected income and expenses for a given period of time; the total sum of money set aside for a given purpose
Career a life long journey as a person works to meet their earning, learning, and living goals. A career continually changes as an individual grows through personal experience, education, and activities.
Career Cluster a grouping of careers with similar skills or common themes based on industry groupings and all education levels
Career Development actively engaged in setting goals for personal living, earning a living, and life-long learning and establishes a plan for reaching thee personal goals
Career Field a broad grouping of the 16 career clusters based on commonalities among clusters
Career Pathway a subgroup listed next to one of the six career fields on the NCE model. Specialties fall into this group
Career Specialty a specific job title within a pathway, within a cluster
Certification a credential indicating specific training in a career specialty
College/University a post- secondary institution that offers degrees. Programs and length of a study vary. Universities are usually larger than a college, provide a wider range of majors and offer advanced degrees such as masters and doctorates.
Communication (FKS) the ability to speak, listen, read, and write to function successfully