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Who was Christopher Columbus Discovered the New World in 1492
Who was Leif Ericson landed on shores of North America
Who was Marco Polo became the first European to travel the length of Asia
who was Johann Gutenberg the German printer who introduced the movable -type printing press in Europe about 1440
Who was Prince Henry the Navigator founded a navigation school and sent out several ships to explore the western coast of Africa
Who was Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic monk who protested false doctrines of the church by nailing his Ninety-Five Theses( statements attacking the sale of indulgences
Who was Ferdinand and Isabella after several years, Columbus finally persuaded the Spanish king and queen, Ferdinand and Isabella
Who was Amerigo Vespucci the first to realize that Columbus had discovered a new continent
Who was Ponce De Leon was the conqueror and governor of Puerto Rico and made the first Spanish landing on the mainland of North America 😉
Who was Vasco De Balboa crossed the Isthmus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
Who was Ferdinand Magellan in 1519 he a led an expedition , and was a Portuguese sailor working for Spain , began a three year voyage around the world
who was Hernando Cortes between 1519 and 1521 Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztec Indians of Mexico
who was Montezuma he had developed a remarkably advanced civilization that included a calendar,pictographic writing, and impressive arcitecture
Who was Francisco Pizarro by 1533 Francisco Pizarro had conquered the Inca Indians of Peru
Who was Francisco Corando in 1540 he went searching in vain for the treasures of those legendary cities
Who was Hernando de Soto between 1539 and 1542 Hernando de Soto explored Florida and Georgia and parts of South Carolina , North Carolina , and Tennessee
Who was Juan Cabrillo explored the east coast of California and possible Oregon
who was Philip the second he helped Spain become the became the most powerful nation in the world
Who was Elizabeth the first was the leader and queen of England
Who was Sir Francis Drake attacked Spanish ships bound from the New World and took their cargoes of gold and silver
Who was Jacques Cartier led an expedition that discovered the St. Lawrence river in 1534-1535
Who was Samuel de Champlain established the first permanent French settlement in the New world in Quebec , Canada
Who was Jacques Marquette and Louis Joilet Jacques Marquette a Jesuit missionary, and Louis Joliet, a fur trader, led an expedition which explored the central Mississippi river
Who was Robert Cavalier de la Salle sailed down the Illinois river to the Mississippi river and all the way down the Mississippi to the gulf of mexico
where was San Salvador and why is it significant? in 1942 Columbus reached the first sight of land (an island) and named it san Salvador
where was St. Augustine and why is it significant? was in Florida and was the first permanent European settlement in present-day United States
where was Santa Fe and why is it significant? is in New Mexico (founded in 1610) served as the capitol of the Spanish colonies in the American southwest
where was San Diego and why is it significant? is in California and is the first European settlement in California
where was Quebec and why is it significant? was is in Canada and was the first permanent French settlement in the New World
where was New France and why is it significant? French ultimately claimed Canada , the great lakes region , and the Mississippi valley as New France
where was New Orleans and why was it significant? was founded in Louisiana in 1718 and is probably the best-known city of French heritage in the United States