Spanish Vocab

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Term Definition
Buenos dA­as Good morning
Buenas noches Good evening
Buenas tardes Good afternoon
Hola Hello
A?CA?mo te llamas? What is your name?
Me llamo…… My name is ……
Encantado/a Delighted
Iqualmente Likewise
Mucho gusto Pleased to meet you
SeA±or, Sr. Sir, Mr.
SeA±ora, Sra. Madam, Mrs.
SeA±orita, Srta. Miss, Ms.
A?CA?mo estA? usted? How are you? (Formal)
A?CA?mo estA?s? How are you? (Informal)
A?QuA© pasa? Whata??s happening?
A?QuA© tal? How are you?
A?Y tA?? And you? (Informal)
A?Y usted? And you?
Muy bien Very well
Nada Nothing
Regular Okay, so-so
Gracias Thank you