Spanish Greetings These are a few greetings in Spanish and what they mean in English

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Term Definition
Hola Hello
Buenos dias Good morning
buenas tardes good afternoon
Buenas noches good night
Como estas tu? how are you? (friend)
Como esta usted? How are you? (Someone you are giving respect to)
Estoy bien I am good
estoy mal I am bad
Muy bien Very good
Gracias y tu? thank you and you? (friend)
Gracias y usted? Thanks and you? (respected person)
Mucho gusto Nice to meet you
Adios Good bye
Hasta luego see you later
Hasta pronto see you soon
Hasta manana see you tomorrow
Senora Mrs.
Senorita Miss
Senor Mr.
Lo siento Sorry
por favor Please
gracias Thank you
Buena suerte Good luck
Perdon Excuse me
De nada You're welcome