Social Studies – 6

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Term Definition
culture the set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by a group of people
customs/traditions a custom, or way of life, passed down from generation to generation
values a custom, or way of life, passed down from generation to generation
region a broad geographic area with simulate features
archaeologist people that study objects to learn about past human life
primary source first hand evidence of an event in history
secondary source a document or written stock created after an event
oral history a document or written stock created after an event
agriculture the production of crops livestock
domestication to adapted an animal to live with humans for the advantage of humans
specialization the act of training for a particular job
permanent housing
surplus an amount that is left over after a need has been met
political map a map showing political divisions such as national/state boundaries, cities and capitals
cardinal directions north, south, east and west
longitude imaginary lines that run north and south from earth's poles parallel to the prime meridian
degrees unit of measurement used for the distance of latitude and longitude
latitude imaginary lines that run east to west around the earth parallel to the equator
map symbol something that stands for something on a map
global grid pattern formed on a map/globe by crossing parallels/meridians making it possible to pinpoint a location
distribution map a special purpose map that shows how a particular feature is spread over an area (ex: population density)
equator 0 degree line of latitude
physical map a map that primarily shows natural features such as lakes, rivers, mountains and deserts
meridian another name for any line of longitude east or west of the prime meridian
grid a pattern of intersecting lines that divide a map/chart into small squares
intermediate directions directions in between the cardinal directions; northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest
historical map a map that shows information about the past
hemisphere half of the earth
aerial photograph a photograph taken from the air
map key or legend a list of map symbols that tells us what each symbol means
parallels any line of latitude north or south of the equator (they NEVER cross)
elevation map a map that shows the height of land above sea level
locator a small map that shows where the subject area on a main map is located
scale a unit of measure used on a map to represent a distance on earth
prime meridian the 0 degree longitude line
map a drawing that shows the surface features of an area
relative location the location of a place in relation to another
globe a round, 3D version of a map
relief the use of shading on a map to show elevation changes
absolute location the latitude and longitude of a place