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Question Answer
All living things are made up of? Matter
Matter is made of? Atoms
Basic kinds of matter Elements
3 types of elements Nonmetal
Semi metals
Good conductor of heat Metal
Do not conduct heat Nonmetal
What are sometimes like metal and nonmetal Semimetal
Smallest part of an element; to small to be seen Atom
Atoms are made of Electrons
What theory is the idea everything is made of small particles Atomic theory
Atomic theory from greatest to smallest Matter
A type of matter made up of 2 or more elements Compound
Smallest particle of a compound that has properties Molecule
Amount of matter in a solid liquid or gas Mass
How is mass measured With a balance
What measurement is how fast the particles are moving Temperature
What are physical properties Color
3 states of matter Solid
What has definite shape and volume Mass
Definite volume no shape Liquid
Definite volume no definite shape Gas
A gas that acts like a metal Plasma
Freezing something makes particles move Slow
Hot temp makes particles move Fast
When particles leave a liquid and become a gas Evaporation
Gas turns into a liquid Condensation
Different materials are placed together but the material keeps its properties Mixture
A mixture in which substances are spread out evenly and I'm not settle Solution
The degree to which a material will dissolve in another substance Solubility
The substance that dissolves is called Solute
The substance in which the salute is being dissolved is the Solvent
A change in some properties of matter without forming a different kind of matter Physical change
One or more types of matter change into other types of matter with different properties Chemical change
Clues that a chemical change has occurred Smell
Gas bubbles
What can affect physical and chemical changes Heat
How are physical and chemical changes alike and different Alike:both change the properties of matter
Dislike: only Chemical changes produce a new kind of matter