Practical 2 Question

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What are the three large branches that come off the aorta? Brachiocephalic artery, left carotid artery, and subclavian artery
Where are the atrioventricular valves located? between the atria and the ventricles
How do the AV valves differ from the semilunar valves their location shape and function. AV are tricuspid and semilunar are bicuspid. semilunar prevent backflow into ventricles. AV valves prevent backflow into atria.
What physical differences do you note when comparing left ventricle to right ventricle? left is thicker because it needs to pump blood to most of body while right is thinner because it only needs to fill the lungs.
Describe the appearance of chordae tendinae. What is their function? Cord like tendons that connect the papillary muscles to the tricuspid and mitral valve in my heart.
Which valves are on the right side of the heart? tricuspid and pulmonary
which valves are on the left side of the heart? mitral and aortic
The superior vena cava drains blood from which regions? returns deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body. circulation to the right atrium of the heart
describe both the base and the apex of the heart in terms of anatomy and location base is superior and medially located- it form s the upper boarder of the heart. Apex is inferior and formed by left ventricle..
which artery carries deoxygenated blood pulmonary artery
which vein carries oxygenated blood pulmonary and umbilical veins
what is systole? contraction/depolarization
what is diastole? relaxation/repolarization
where is the SA node? superior right atrium
Where is the AV node? inferior interatrial septum
what is the function of the AV node? delays the impulse sent from SA node by .1 second
what does an EKG test? conduction system of the heart
What are the EKG waves and to what do they correspond? P wave-atrial depolarization
QRS wave- ventricular depolarization and atrial repolarization
T wave- ventricular repolarization
what is considered a normal blood pressure? 120/60
lubb mitral and tricuspid valves slamming shut with ventricular contraction
dubb semilunar valves closing with ventricular relaxation
how do arteries differ from veins veins have a thinner wall. arteries have a thicker wall. veins have a wide lumen while arteries have a more narrow lumen. veins have valves. arteries carry oxygen rich blood while veins carry oxygen depleted blood.
what function does the valve have in veins? ensure blood is moving in the right direction. towards the heart
where does the coronary artery come from and which branches arise from it? comes from aorta. the anterior interventricuclar and circumflex and right marginal posterior intraventricular
what are the three main branches that come off the aorta brachiocephaic artery, left common carotid artery, and left subclavian artery.
what are the six arteries that branch off the external carotid artery? superior thyroid,
superior temporal
what is the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure? systolic is contraction (depolarization)
diastolic is relaxation (repolarization)
which artery is used to determine blood pressure when the BP cuff is placed on the arm brachial
semilunar valves are balloon like
av valves are FLAPS