PPT & saftey

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Term Definition
Layout the arrangement of object on a slide
Notes Master a master slide that changes the formatting of the notes pages
Placeholders container on a slide that holds text and other content such as graphics
Slide Content the text, graphics and other objects that appear on a slide
Slide Layout the arrangement of the text graphics on a slide
Title Slide the first slide in a presentation, which usually includes the title and author
Visuals slides, a flip chart, a white board, or handouts of printed material that are viewed while a speaker talks
Animation a visual effect that refers ti the way items move
Slide Transition the way one slide changed to the next in Slide Show view
Template a master file that includes the basic formatting and elements for a particular style of document,workbook,presentation,or publication
Storyboard visual layout if the slides in a presentation, created in the planning stage of a presentation
Autofit automatically sizes text as it is typed so that it fits within the placeholder
Slide Sorter view displays the thumbnail of all the slides in the presentation and is useful for selecting multiple slides and changing the order of the slides
Slide show view displays the presentation as it will appear to the audience
Slide master the template that applies to all slides
Webpage a hypertext document connected to the world wide web
Plagiarism stealing someones else's work and saying it is your own
Ethics understanding right and wrong doing the right thing
Phishing when people use tricks to try and get your important information like passwords or ban accounts
Website a location on the internet that has one or more webpages
Browser a software application used to locate, share and get(retrieve) information form the world wide web
URL a web address
Search Engine a program used to help locate information on the world wide web
How can you make a password stronger? Make it longer
Don't use personal information
Use numbers, symbols, and capital letters
Don't use the same password for all accounts
What are the 6 internet domain types? .com, .mil, .edu, .org, .gov, .net,
.com internet domain stands for commercial
.edu internet domain for education
.gov government institution domain
.mil military domain
.net network provider domain
.org non-profit domains
What are the four purposes of the internet? communication(social media)
Name three types of websites is secure? personal(social media, teachers weebly, blog)
organization/topical(about a specific topic)
How can you tell if a website is secure? Look for a padlock near the URL, or an address that starts with HTTPS the S stands for security
What is the difference between a webpage and a website? a webpage is an electronic document that contains text, graphics and the site is a collection of webpages
How might a web browser highlight the domain name make it bolder
How could a cyber criminal lure you into a scam? ask for money, passwords, ect.
What are four steps to protecting yourself against Malware? think, don't share private info, keep everything up to date, use a different log in and password
What is the difference between a browser and a search engine? a browser is the software program that allows you to view webpages. A search engine is used to find webpages and websited
Examples of browser Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
Examples of search engines google, bing