Moons And Planets PSITN Information

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Term Definition
Italian Asteroid Missions-
1) What is meant by Enhanced gravity tractor?
Deflect another object in space that could be hazardous
1) When did this event take place geologically – how long ago did it take place and what era or period time boundary is represented by the event?
2)What is Chixulub? Where is Chixulub?
3) How did this impact come to affect the ozone layer?
1)Asteroid that hit Earth 65 million yrs ago
2)Chixulub is a place in Mexico
3) Affects ozone layer bc it released gases into the ozone layer that are harmful to living things
“Nighttime snowstorms on Mars”:
1)What is Sublimation? Why does ice on Mars sublime when Sunlight hits it?
2)What does new research say about the slowness or quickness of snowfall on Mars?
1) Sublimation= solid–> gas ; Mars sublimes when sun hits it bc Mars has thin atmosphere
Titan’s atmosphere compared to Earth’s:
1)What are the three major gasses believed to be present in Titan’s atmosphere?
2)What is the significance of the potential presence of Acrylonite (Vinyl Cyanide) on Titan?
1) Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon
2) formed lipid bilayer membranes which can produce single-cell organisms
Hydrotherm activity
How is this moon spectacular, and what space mission brought this to light?
What did the probe find when passing through the jets?
What is believed to be present below Enceladus’s icy surface and why is this probability significant?
1) What defines the Saro’s cycle and what is its length?
2) If a solar eclipse is observed at a particular place on the Earth at the start of one of these cycles, where is it expected to be seen at the end of the cycle?
1) repetition; period of 18 years, 11 ? days
2) the Earth will have rotated ? if a turn farther east and the eclipse will occur ? of the way westward around Earth
“Frost on the Moon”:
1)Why frost on Moon with bright Sun and no atmosphere?
2)Why is presence of this water significant?
“The oldest asteroids”:
1)What processes cause asteroids to become dispersed from the original middle of the asteroid belt?
2)Where are the few remaining, original asteroids located within the asteroid belt.
Ocean beneath Pluto’s heart”:
1)What is understood to underlie the icy Sputnik Planitia region?
2)What do Pluto and Charon both orbit together?
“Recent solar storms”:
1)What is a sunspot?
2)What is a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)?
3)How do major CMEs affect Earth?
Ice on Mars
1) Why does ice sublime on Mars?
2) How was the thickness of these ice deposits determined?
“Boron on Mars”:
How is the discovery of Boron at Hale Crater significant?