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Who were the Mongols and how did they live? The mongols traditionally inhabited Central Asian steppe – dry grassy plain. They were pastoral nomads who raised horses, & were continually on the move in search of water and grassy pastures for their animals.
Why did the Mongols begin to migrate south in 1000? around 1000 N. Eurasia suffered terrible drought, the mongols began to move south in search of greener pastures.
How did Ghengis Khan unite tribes of Central Asia? He focused on making alliances with neighboring tribes. He developed a fearsome military, and demanded tribute from weaker tribes, & thus lived entirely off this tribute and focused little on herding.
How long did it take Ghengis Khan to form his empire? 20 years
What was the extent of Ghengis Khan's empire? stretched from Poland to Siberia
What was the most important part of the Mongol army? What was special about their weapons? the most important part was the mounted archer. Mongol bows were more difficult to draw back and could shoot further than other bows at the time.
How did Mongols lay siege to cities? They used the catapult and sent flaming projectiles into walled cities. They also cut off city resources (even diverting rivers away from cities) to starve residents.
How did Mongols effectively use terror to conquer? They let it be known that resistance meant slaughter. If a city surrendered, the people would be spared. If they fought and lost, all people would be killed and the city would be destroyed.
Define Khanate Kingdom
Describe each Khanate (The Great Khan) Comprised of Mongolia and China. It was initially led by Ogodei, but later led by Ghengis' grandson Kublai Khan
Describe each Khanate (Khanate of the Golden Horde) Included the territory of Russia and Siberia and was initially led by Genghis Khan grandson Batu.
Describe each Khanate (The Ilkhanate) Included the territory of Iran (Persia) and Iraq (Abbasid Empire) and was led by Kublai (Khan's brother Hulegu)
Describe each Khanate (Jagadai Khanate) Included central asian territories north of india and was initially led by Ghenghis' son Jagadai.