Microscope Vocab Microscope Anatomy and Function

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Term Definition
eyepiece where you look into the microscope, it holds lenses that increase magnification of the objective
arm this part supports the entire upper portion of the microscope; the microscope's handle
aperture the opening in the stage that allows light through
body tube light passes from the objective lens to the eyepiece through this part of the microscope
revolving nosepiece the objective lenses are mounted in this part of the microscope and moves objectives into viewing position
fine adjustment knob once the object that you would like to view comes into focus, you use this to fine tune the image under high and medium power
legs the mirror, lamp, or illuminator is located between these two parts
stage clips these two parts keep the slide from moving around on the stage
coarse adjustment knob you begin your focusing with this part of the microscope; it focuses image under low power
objective lenses there may be two or three of these mounted on the nosepiece; each one magnifies the specimen at a different power
mirror lamp illuminator this provides light so that it is easier to see the object that you are viewing
diaphragm this disk under the stage controls the amount of light that passes through the aperture and the specimen
base this is the support for the microscope that holds it up
stage the flat place under the objective lenses where you place the slide for viewing
slide this is a thin piece of glass where you place your specimen