Levels of history

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Question Answer
Level of history M: Medical
Level of history A: Artistic
Level of history MI: Military
Level of history SP Spiritual
Level of history P: Political
Level of history I: Intellectual
Level of history C: Cultural
Level of history E: Economical
Level of history S: Social
Essential Question: Medical How do we treat injured persons?
Essential Question: Artistic How do we express ourselves?
Essential Question: Military How do we defend and protect our freedoms?
Essential Question: Spiritual What is the meaning of life?
Essential Question: Political Who shall be in charge?
Essential Question: Intellectual How shall we learn?
Essential Question: Cultural What defines who we are and how we live?
Essential Question: Social How shall we relate to each other?
Essential Question: Economic How shall we eat?
Level of history: G Geographical
Essential Question: Geographical How do we define and analyze locations of space?
Examples of history: Geographical Indus River, Landforms, Man made structures, maps
Examples of history: Medical Mrs. King, doctors, first aid, hospitals
Examples of history: Artistic Mrs. Rieg, paintings, sculptures, digital history
Examples of history: Military U.S.Navy, U.S.Airforce, U.S.Army, U.S.Marine Corps, U.S.Coast Guard
Examples of history: Spiritual Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam
Examples of history: Political US President, Vice President, Democrats, Republicans
Examples of history: Intellectual Books, education, historical ages, historical movements
Examples of history: Cultural Clothing, language, food, traditions
Examples of history: Economic Great Depression, stocks/bonds, money, jobs
Examples of history: Social Communicate, internet, people, social media