Intro To Cell Bio

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Question Answer
What is endocytosis? The intake of liquids or small molecules into the cell by folding the cell membrane around the substance.
What is active transport? A type of transport that requires energy to move molecules from a low concentration to high concentration.
What is passive transport? Movement of molecules across the cell membrane without the use of energy
What is exocytosis? The outtake of liquids or small molecules out of the cell by the fusion of a vesicle to the cell membrane.
What is a hypotonic solution? A solution that has a lower concentration of dissolved particles compared with another solution.
What does flaccid mean? Limp
What does hydrophobic mean? Water fearing
What are transport proteins? A protein in the cell membrane that aids in diffusion.
What is a hypertonic solution? A solution that has a higher concentration of dissolved particles compared with another solution.
What is osmosis? The diffusion of water from a high concentration to a low concentration
What is an isotonic solution? A solution that has equal concentration of dissolved particles compared to another substance.
What is facilitated diffusion? A type of diffusion that use a protein channel
What is homeostasis? Maintaining a stable internal environment no matter what is happening in the outside.
What is concentration gradient? The difference in concentration of a substance from one area to another area.
What is diffusion? Movement of gas or liquid form an area of high concentration to low concentration without energy
What is turgor pressure? Pressure placed by bringing water into a cell
What is plasmolysis? Shrinking of the cytoplasm due to excess water loss
What does hydrophilic mean? Water loving
What is the nucleus of a cell? The storehouse for most of the cell's DNA
What are chromosomes? Long threads of DNA
What is biogenesis? The idea that life comes from life
Where are ribosomes made? Nucleolus
Who is Robert Hooke? First person to see cells
What is the fluid mosaic model? Model that describes the arrangement of molecules that make the cell membrane
What is a cell? The smallest unit of a living thing
What is a semipermeable membrane? A membrane that selects what comes in and what goes out.
What is a chloroplast? Organelle in autotrophs that goes through photosynthesis to make glucose(food) for the cell
What is a phospholipid bilayer? The double of the cell membrane
What is a prokaryote? A cell without a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
What is eukaryote? A cell with a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
What is the rough ER? ER with ribosomes attached that transport proteins to the needed area of the cell
What is the smooth ER? ER without ribosomes that transport proteins to the needed area of the cell
What are centrioles? Organelle that aids in mitosis
What is the vacuole? The storage area of the cell, tends to be much larger in plant cells
What is a cell wall? The layer in plants and some other organisms that provide structure and support for the cell
What are ribosomes? Organelle that links amino Acids to form proteins
What is the Golgi apparatus? Stack of flat structures containing enzymes that process, sort, and deliver proteins
What is the cell membrane? The phospholipid bilayer of the cell that controls what comes in and out of the cell
What is the mitochondria? The organelle that undergoes cellular respiration to make energy for the cell
What are the lysosomes? An organelle that contain enzymes that break down materials the cell does not need
What are the three statements for the cell theory? All living things are made of cells;
Cells come from preexisting cells;
Cells are the most basic unit of life
Who was Anton van Leeuwenhoek? The father of microbiology
What are unicellular organisms? Organisms with one cell
What are multicellular organisms? Organisms with more than one cell and some cells are specialized
What are the levels of organization? Atom; molecules; organelle; cell; tissue; organ; organ system; organisms
What does the prefix pro- mean? 1st/before
What does the prefix eu- mean? True
What does prefix kary- mean? Nucleus
What does passive transport lack? Energy; ATP
What is equilibrium? State in which concentration gradient is equal in all areas; evenly distributed
What is phagocytosis? Endocytosis of solid material
What is Pinocytosis? Endocytosis of liquid materials
What do receptor proteins do? Receive information
What are marked proteins? Identifiers
What do channel proteins do? Lets certain materials through
How can plasmolysis be prevented in a cell? Plant cells should be in an isotonic environment
What characteristics do mitochondria and chloroplasts share? Both have DNA and external and internal membranes
How does diffusion differ from endocytosis and exocytosis? Diffusion does not require energy input from the cell