igneous rock vocabulary for igneous rock

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Term Definition
Bowen's reaction series illustrates the relationship between cooling magma and mineral formation
extrusive fine grained igneous rocks that cool quickly on Earth's surface
fractional crystallization process wherein different minerals form at different temperatures
igneous rock formed from the crystallization of magma
intrusive course grained igneous rocks that cool slowly beneath Earth's surface
lava magma that flows out onto Earth's surface
partial melting process whereby some minerals melt at low temperatures while other minerals remain solid
felsic light colored rocks that are high in silica content and contain quartz and the feldspars orthoclase and plagioclase.
kimberlite rare ultramafic rocks where diamonds can be found
mafic dark colored rocks with lower silica contents that are rich in iron and magnesium and contain plagioclase, biotite, amphibole, pyroxene, and olivine.
pegmatite veins containing large grained minerals
porphyritic texture that is characterized by large, well-formed crystals surrounded by finer-grained crystals of the same mineral or different minerals
ultramafic rocks that have low silica contents and very high levels of iron and magnesium
Silica Another name for Quartz (SiO2)
Coarse Grained Large mineral crystals; result of slow cooling
Fine Grained Small mineral crystals; result of rapid cooling
Obsidian Igneous rock with a glassy texture; even though it is dark black, it is considered felsic