Geologists Quit Will – 3rd Grade

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Question Answer
What are the six properties of rocks? Texture, hardness, color, luster, size, and shape
Who uses rock properties to help identify different rocks? Geologists
Some dimensions of rock can be _______________________ and compared. Measured
Rocks are made of ________________________, which are made up of only one ingredient. Minerals
Some rocks you have to __________ to see what mineral is inside of the rock. Break
What can be used to separate the ingredients? Water
_______________________ is a way to separate liquid and solid ingredients. Evaporation
How is hardness measured? by scratching
What can you use to measure a rocks hardness? (give three) fingernail
paper clip
Who are Geologists? Geologists are smelly men who like to play in dirt
They are people who use rock properties, such as texture, hardness, color, luster, size, and shape t identify different rocks.
Who is beautiful and loves you more than anything else in the whole world, including chocolate? Mom!!
Why does food taste so much better when someone else makes it? Who knows, but lets eat!!
Will William ever remember to clean his ears after he takes a shower? Who knows, but lets eat!!!