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electrostatic fiels are also know as dielelectric fields
what is the purpose of the ground symbol use in electrical circuit diagrams to sho that thers is s return path for the current between the source of electrical energy and the load
when different rated capacitors are connected in parralled in a circuit the total capacitance is equal to the sum of all the capacitances Ct=c1+c2+c3…
a 24 volt souce is required to furnish a 48 watts to a parrallel circuit consisting of four resistors of equal value, what is the voltage drop across each resistor 24 volts
what will a voltmeter read if properly connected across a closed swithch in a circuit with electrical power on zero votage
figure 16 with power to the bus and the fuel selector switched to the right-hand tank how many relays in the system are operating 3
which statment is correct when made in reference to a parrallel circuit the total current is queal to the sume of the currents through the individual branches of the circuit
figure 19 when the trhrottles are retarded with only the right gear dokwn the warning horn will not sound if an open occurs in wire No. 5
when a charging current is applied to a nickel cadmiun battery the cells emit gas toward the end of the charging cycle
in an AC circuit the effective voltage is less then the maximun instantaneous voltage
figure 18 when the landing gears are up and the trrottle are retarded the horn will not sound if an open occurs in wire No.4
the purpose of providing a space underneath the plates in a lead acid batterrys cell container is to prevent sediment boildup from contacting the plates and causing a short circuit
in a N-P-N transistor application the solid state device is turne on the when the base is positive with repect to the emitter
nickel cadmium batteries wich are stored for a long period of time will show a low liquid level because electrolyte becomes absobed into the plates
in P-N– transistor appliction the solid state device is truned on when the base is negative with repecte to the emitter
figure 19 under wich codition will a ground be provided for the waning horn trough both gear switches when the throttles are close left gear up and right gear down
lead acid battery with 12 cells connected in series (no-load voltage+2.1 volts pre cell) furnishes 10 amperes to a load of 2-ohms resistance the internal resistance of the battery in this instance is 0.52 ohms
unless otherwise specified any values given for current or voltage in a AC circuit are assumed to be effective values
typical application for zener dieodes is a voltage regulator
what is the Tc of a circuit containing three capacitors in parallel with capacitances of .02mf, .05mf and .10mf respctively .170uf
which term meas .001 ampere milliampere
a circuti has an applied voltage of 30 volts and a load consisting of a 10-*ohm resistor in series with a 20 ohm resistor what is the voltage drop across the 10-ohm resistor 10 volts
figure 9 how many instruments (voltmeters and ammeters) are installed correctly two
figure 17 the elctrical symbol represented electrical symbol represtned at number 5 is a variable capasitor
what happens to the current in a voltage step-up transform with a ration of 1-4 thw current is stepped down by a 1-4 ratio
figure 18 the contrl valbe swicht must be placed in the neutal position when the landing gears are down to prevent the watning horm from sounding when the throttles are close
figure 15 withg the landing gear retracted the red indicator light will not come if an opne occures in wire No.19
T-F if one of three bulbs in parallel lighting circuit is removed the total resistance of the circuit will become grater T
figure 15 when the landing gear is down the green light will not come on if an open occurs in wire 6
describe contibuting factors to the termal runaway in a nickel cadmiun battery intalled in an aircraft low internal resistance intensified by high cell temperatures and a high current discharged/charge rate in constant potential (voltage) charging system
if three resistors of 3 ohm 5ohms 22 ohms are connected in series in a 28 volt circuit how much current will flow through the 3 ohm resistor 0.93 ampere
capacitors are sometimes used in DC circuits to smooth out slight pusations in current/voltage
the term that describes the cobined resistive forces in a AC circuit is impedance
figure 16 enegize the circuit with the fuel tank selector swith selected to the left hand posistion using the schematic identify the witches that will change position 5,6,11,12,13,15,16
what may result if wate is added to a nickel cadium battery when it is not fully charge excessive spewing is likely to occure during the charging cycle
figure 12 fin the Total resistance of that circuit 21.2 ohms
the potential difference between two conductors which are inculated from each other is measure in volts
through which material will magnetic lines of force pass the most readily iron
which requires the mos electrical power during operation note 1Hp=746w
a 12 v motor reqirirng 8 amperes, 4 30 w lamps in a 12 v paralle circuit or 2lights requiring 3amperes each in a 24v paralled system
twon lights requiring 3 amperes each in a 24v paralled system
a 24 v souce is required to furnish 48w to a parallel circuit consisting of 2 resistors of equal value what is the value of each resistor note Rt=E^2/p 24 ohms
figure 14 the Tr of that circuit is 17 ohms
if electrolyte from a leadacid battery is spilled in the battery compartment which procedure should be followed apply sodium bicarbonate solution to the affected area followed by a water rinse
which condition is an indication of improperly torqued cell link connections of a nickel cadmium battery heat or burn marks on the hardware
figure 2 what is the TC of a circuit contaning 3 capacitors with capacitance of .02mf .05mf and .10mf respectively .012uF
an increses in wich of the following gactors will cause an increase in the inductive reactance of a circuit inductance and frequency
which requires the most electrical power note 1hp=746w
a1/5hp,24v motor which is 75% efficient, 4 30-w lamps arranged ina 12v paralled circuit
a 1/5Hp 24 volt morot which is 75% efficient
how much power must a 324v generator funish to a system 1 motor 755 efficient 1/5hp 3 position lights 20w each 1 eating element 5amp 1tnitcollisionlight 3 amps 450 watts
convert Farads to microfarads by mutiplying farads by 10 to the power of 6
fig 8 with an ohmmeter connected in to the circuit as shown what will the ohmmeter read 10 ohms
transfer of electic enegry from one circuit to another without the aid of electrical connections is call induction
when referring to an electrical circuit diagram what point is considered to be at zero voltage the ground reference
in nickel cadmium batteries a rise in cell temperature causes a decreases in internal resistance
a 48v source is required to furnish 192 w to a parallel circuit consisting of 3 resistors of equal value what it the value of each resistor 36 ohms
fig 17 which of the components is a pontetiometer 3
fig 6 if resistor R5 is disconnected at junction of R4 and R3 as shown what will the ohmmeter read 3 ohms
what is the operating resistance of a 30w light bulb designed for a 28-volt system 26 ohms
fig 26 which of the logic gate output conditions is correct with respect tot he given inputs 2
in a parallel circuit whit 4 6-ohms resistor across a 24-v battery what is the total voltage across resistor three VR3 in the circuit 24v
the electrolyte of a nickel cadmium battery is the lowest when the battery is in a discharged condition
the correct way to connect a test voltmeter in a circuit is in parallel with a unit
how much power will a 1-hp 12v DC electric motor that is 75% efficient require 994.6 w
fig 10 what is the measured voltage of the series-parallel circuit between terminal A&B 3.0 v
fig 5 what is the impedance of an AC series circuit consisting of an inductor with a reactance of 10ohms a capacitor with a reactance of 4 ohms and a resistor with a resistance of 8 ohms 10 ohms
T-F the hydrometer reading does no require a temperature correction if the electrolyte temperature is 80degree F T
fig 16 what will be the effect if the PCO relay fails to operate when the left hand tank is selected the fuel pressure crossfeed valve open light will not illuminate
what is the Tc of a certain circuit containing 3 capastitors with capacitance of .25mf .03 mf and .12 mf Ct=c1+c2+c3
describe the principal in a nickel cadium battery installed in an aircraft to completely charge a nickel cadmium battery some gassing must take place thus some water will be used
diodes are used in electrical power supply circuits primarily as rectifiers
convert farads to picofarads multiplying farads by 10 to the power of 12
fig 11 find the total current flowing in the wire between points C and D 3.0 amperes
fig25 in a functional and operating circuit the depicted logic gate out put will be 0 when one or more inputs are 0
the method uses to rapidly charge a nickel cadmium battery utilizes constant voltage and varying current
the presence of any small amount of potassium carbonate deposits on the tops of nickel cadmium battery cells in service is an indication of normal operation
the basis for transformer operation in the use of alternating current is mutual inductance
how many amperes will a 28v generator be required to supply to a circuit containing 5 lamps on parallel 3 of which have a resistance of 6 ohms each and 2 of which have a resistance of 5 ohms each 25.23 amperes
the voltage drop in a circuit of known resistance is dependent on the amperage of the circuit
which symbol represents a variable resistor 2
the working voltage of a capacitor in a AC circuit should be at least 50% greater than the highest applied voltage
fig 11 the voltage across the 8-ohm resistor 24v
fig 15 the No 7 wire is used to close the push to test circuit
the opposition offered by a coil to the flow of alternating current is call inductive reactance
which of the following are commonly used as a rectifiers in electrical circuits 1 anodes 2 cathodes 3 diodes 3
what unit is used to express electrical power watt
what determines the amount of current which will flow through a battery while it is being charged by a constant voltage source the state of charge of the battery
which of the following logic gates will provide an active high out only when all inputs are different XOR
fig 23 if R2 sticks in the up position the light will be on full bright
which is correct concerning a parallel circuit total resistance will be smaller than the smallest resistor
what is the basic unit of electrical quantity coulmb
how can the state of charge of a nickel cadmium battery be determined by a measured discharge
fig 24 which statement concerning the depicted logic gate is true any input being 1 will produce a 1 output
fig 3 when more than two inductors of different inductances are connected in parallel in a circuit the total inductance is less than the inductance of the lowest rated inductor
a thermal switch or thermal protector as use in an electric motor is designed to open the circuit in order to allow cooling of the motor
forward biasing of a solid state device will cause the device to conduct
fig 13 determine the total current flow in the circuit 1.4 amperes
when inductores are connected in series in a circuit the Total inductance is Lt=l1+l2+l3
the sum of the individual inductances
what is the opposition to the flow of AC produced by a magnetic field with generated back voltage (EMF) called inductive reactance
which illustration is correct concerning bias application and current flow 1
fig 7 if resistor R# is disconnected at terminal D what will the ohmmeter read infinite resistance
when calculating power in a reactive or inductive AC circuit the true power is less than the apparent power
a 14-ohm resistor is to be installed in a series circuit carrying .05 ampere how much power will the resistor be required to dissipate at least 35 milliwatts
a 12v electric motor has 1,000 watts input and 1 hp output maintaining the same efficiency how much input power will a 24v 1hp electric motor require 1000 watts
troubleshooting an open circuit with a voltmeter as shown in this circuit will permit the battery voltage to appear on the volmeter
the end of charge voltage of a 19 cell nickel cadmium battery measured while still on charge depends upon its temperature and the method used for charging
the electrolyte of a nickel cadmium battery is highest when the battery is in a fully charged condition
which of these will cause the resistance of a conductor to decrases decreases the length or increase the cross sectional area
what is the likely result of servicing and charging nickel cadmium and lead acid batteries together in the same service area contamination of both types of batteries
fig 16 the TCO relay will operate if 24v DC is applied to the buts and the fuel tank selector is in the crossfeed position
fig 23 if an open occurs at R1 the light cannot be turned off
.002KV equals 2.0 v
the amount of electricity a capacitor can store is directly proportional to the plate area and inversely proportional to the distance between the plates
fig 19 when the landing gears are up and the throttles are retarded the warning horn will not should if an open occurs in wire 6
a cabin entry light of 10w and dome light of 20w are connected in parrallel to a 30v source if the voltage across the 10w light is measured it will be equal to the voltage across the 20w light
which effect does not apply to the movement of electrons flowing in a conductor static energy
fig4 how much power is being furnished to the circuit 2645watts
in a parallel circuit whit 3 6-ohms resistors across a 12v battery what is the It value in the circuit 6amps
fig 16 when electrical power is applied to the bus which relays are energized PCC and TCO
batteries of different voltage (but similar capacities ) can be connected in series with each other across the charger and charged using the constant current method true
batteries of different ampere hour capacity and same voltage can be connected in parallel with each other across the charger and charged using the constant voltage method true
batteries of the same voltage and same ampere hour capacity must be connected in series with each other across the charger and charged using the constant current method false
a fully charged lead acid battery will not freeze until extremely low temperatures are reached because most acid is in the solution
fig 1 when different rated capacitors are connected in series in a circuit the CT is less than the capacitance of the lowest rated capacitor
fig 41 determine how much fuel will be required for a 30 mn reserve operation at 2300 RPM 25.3
fig32 what is the next step required for a working sketch of the illustrations sketch extension and dimesion lines
fig 41 determine the fuel consumption with the engine operating at cruise 2350 RPM 55.3 punds per hour
a drawing in which the subassemblies or parts are shown as brought together on the aircraft is call an installation drawing
for sketching perposes almost all abjects are composes of one or some cobination of six basic shapes these include the triangle, sircle, cube, cylinder, cone, and sphere
fig 39 determine the maximun length of a no 16 caqble to be installed from a bus to the equipment in a 28v system with a 25ampere intermittent load and a 1v drop 8feet
1 scketches are usually made with the aid of drafting instruments
2 scketches are usually more complicated to make when using graph paper. regarding the above statemets wich one is true
neither 1 or 2 is true
a line used to show an edge which is not visible is a hidden line
which stament is true regarding an orthographic projection one view, two view, and three view drawings are the most common
fig 34 what is the dimension of the chamfer 0.0625*45degrees
sketches are usually made easier by the use of graph paper
fig 35 identiry the extension line 3
the measurements showing the ideal or 'perfect' sizes of parts on a drawings are call dimensions
what meterial symbol is frequently used in a drawings to represent all metals cast iron
when reading a blue print a dimensionis given as 4.387 inches +.005 -.002. which statime is true the minimum acceptable size is 4.385 inches
fig 30 identify the bottom view of the object 1
zone numbers on aircraft blue prints are use to locate parts sections and views on large drawings
fig 39 detemine the cable size of a 40ft length of single cable in free air with a continuous rating running from a bus to the equipment in a 2v systime with15ampere load and 1vdrop No 10
in a sectional view drawing what sections illustrate particular parts of an object remove
what type line consist of alternating long and short lines center
fig 38 an aircraft reciprocating engine has a 2800cubic inch displacement and develops 2000 brakeHp at 2200 RPM what is the brake mean effective pressure 257.5
fig 28 identify the bottom view of the object shown 2
the drawings often used in illustrated parts manuals are exploded view drawings
fig 29 identify the left side view of the object shown 3
fig 39 determine the minimum wire size of a single cable in a bundle carrying a contiuous current of 20 amperes 10ft fromt he but to the equipment in a 28v system with an allowable 1vdrop No 12
fig 39 determine the maximum length of a No12 single cable that can be use between a 28v bus and component utilizing 20amperes cotinuos load in free air with a maximum acceptable 1v drop 26.5 feet
fig 36 the diameter of the holes in the finished object is 1/2 inch
fig 34 using the information what size drill would be required to drill the clevis bolthole 5/16 inch
fig33 which symbol materialsection line symbol indicates cast iron 3
1)a detail drawing is a description of a single part 2)an assembly drating is a dexcription of an object made up of two or more parts regading the above staments both No 1 and 2 are true
what type of diagram shows the wire size required for a particular installation a wire diagram
whatr numbering system is used to locate fuselage frames stations numbers
what is the class of working drawing that is the description/depiction of a single part detail drawing
what should be the first step of the procedure in sketching an aircraft wing skin repair block in the views
1)a measurement should not be scaled from an aircraft print beacuse the paper shrinks or stretches when the print is made 2)when a detail drawing is made it is crafully and accurately dran to scale and is dimensioned regarding the avobe statements both No1 and No 2 are true
in the reading of aircraft blue prints the term 'tolrance' used in association with aircraft parts or components is the difference between extreme permissible dimesions that a part may have and still be acceptable
fig 27 in that isometric view of a typical aileron balance weight identify the view indicated by the arrow 3
fig 34 what is the maximum diameter of the hole for the clevis pin 0.3175
what trype of line is normally used in a mechanical drawing or blue print to represent an edge or object not visible to the viewer medium wight dashed line
fig 38 an aircraft reciprocating engine has a 1830 cubich inch displacement and develops 1250 brake Hp at 2500 RPM what is the brake mean effective pressure 217
1)cording to 14 CFR par 91 repairs to an aircraft skin should ve a detailed dimesional skecth included in the permanent records2) on occasion a mechanic may need to make a simple sketch of a proposed repair to an aircraft a new desing or a modificationT-F only No 2 is true
what is the allowable manufacturing tolarance for a bushing where the outside dimesions shown on the blueprint are 1.0625+.0025-.0003 .0028
schematic diagrams are best suited for which of the following troubleshooting system malfunctions
a specific measured distance from the datum or some other point idetified by the manufcture to a pint in or on the aircraft is called a station number
which stament is applicable when using a skect for making a part the sketch must show all information to manufacture the part
fig 34 what would be the minimum diameter of 4130 round stock required for the contruction of the clevis that would produce a machined surface 1 inch
fig 37 the vertical distace between the top of the plate and the bottom of the lowest 15/64 inch hole is 2.367
fig 40 determine the proper tension for a 1/8 inch cable (7 x 19) if the temperature is 80 degrees F 70 punds
what is use to indicate that a surface must be machine finished finished marks
fig38 an aircraft reciprocating engine has a 2800 cubic