Common Word Parts Common Prefixes, Root Words, Suffixes

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anatomy the study of body structure
anterior the front of the body or body part
midline an imaginary vertical line used to divide the body into right and left halves
lateral to the side–away from the midline
inferior towards the feet
distal farther away from the body
prone patient lying face down
anatomical position body standing up right facing the observer–arms down at sides with palms facing forward
posterior back of the body or body part
medial toward the mid-line of the body
superior toward the head
proximal closer to the torso
supine patient lying face up
lateral recumbent patient lying on his/her side
stomato mouth
glosso/linguo tongue
encephalo brain
entero intestine
procto anus, rectum
nephro/rene kidney
oophoro ovary
dermo skin
osteo bones
cysto bladder
phlebo/veno vein
pneumo/pulmo lungs
arterio- artery
cardio heart
hyper above, over, beyond
naso nose
oro mouth
thermo heat
-ectomy to cut out/removed
-gram the image
-ology/ologist to study, specialize in
-ostomy to make an opening
-scopy/scopic to look, observe
dento teeth
gingiva gums
gastro stomach
colo large intestine
hepato liver