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Term Definition
National Science Foundation An independent agency of the US government that promotes the advancement of science and engineering.
Network A group of two or more computers connected so they can communicate with one another.
Network interface card (NIC) A circuit board within a computers central procession unit that serves as the interface enabling that computer to connect to a network.
Network news transfer protocol The internet protocol used by news servers that enables that exchange of newsgroup articles.
Newsgroup On usenet, a subject or other topical interest group whose members exchange ideas and opinions.
Node An entity on a network that can be managed, such as system, repeater, router, gateway, switch or firewall.
Packet Data processed by protocols so it can be sent across a network.
Point-to-point protocol A protocol that allows a computer to connect to the internet over a phone line.
Point -to-point protocol over Ethernet A protocol that implements PPP on top of the Ethernet architecture to connect an entire network to the internet.
Root-level server A server at the highest level of the Domain Name System.
Router A device that routes packets between networks based on network layer addresses.
Server A computer in a network that manages the network resources and provides, or serves, information to clients.
Shared domain A hosting service that allows multiple entities to share portions of the same domain name.
Simple mail transfer protocol The internet standard protocol for transferring email messages from one computer to another.
Standard A definition or format that has been approved by a recognized standards organization.
Top-level domain The group into which a domain is categorized, by common topic and/or geography.
Transmission control protocol/internet protocol A suite of protocols that turns data into blocks of information called packets, which are then sent across the internet.
Usenet A collection of thousands of internet computers, newsgroups and newsgroup members using Network New Transfer Protocol to exchange information.
Virtual domain A hosting service that allows a company to host its domain name on a third party ISP server.
Web browser A software application that enables users to access and view Web pages or the internet
Web page A HTML document containing one or more elements that can be linked to or from other HTML pages.
Web site A World Wide Web server and its content; includes multiple Web pages.
Wide area network (WAN) A group of computers connected over an expansive geographic area so their users can share files and services.
Wireless access point A device that enables wireless systems to communicate with each other, provided that they are on the same network.
World Wide Web (WWW) A set of software programs that enables users to access resources on the internet via hypertext documents.
xDSL Collectively, the variations of Digital Subscriber Lin