Chapter 22

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Question Answer
What was the Scientific Revolution? In 1543 when changes in thought and belief occurred in social and institutional organizations.
What was the geocentric theory? The Earth is in the center of the universe. Ptolemy came up with it.
Why did the Church support the geocentric theory? The Church liked the idea of the Earth/Churches being in the center of the universe.
What is the heliocentric theory? Theory that the Sun is in the center of the universe.
What are the steps to the scientific method? Ask the question. Research. Form a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, conduct an experiment, analyze data, make a conclusion.
What is a social contract Agreement by which people created a government
What is The Five Core Beliefs Reason, nature, happiness, progress, liberty
What is the Rise of individualism Encouraged people to use their own ability to reason what is right and wrong, emphasized importance of individual
What did Enlightenment thinking produce? 3 long term effects that helped shape western civilization
What is the Separation of Powers Division of power amount different branches of Government
Explain how Enlightenment ideas spread throughout Europe Allowed people to explain their ideas to others while having a good time. The printing press mass produced books, papers so more people can read books/news/etc.
Who was Catherine the Great Tried to reform Russia: religious toleration, abolishing torture and capital punishment – not accomplished.
Long term effect in the Enlightenment. 1 Belief in Progress. The successes of the Scientific Revolution gave people the confidence that human reason could solve social problems.
Long term effect in the Enlightenment. 2 A More Secular Outlook. During the Enlightenment, people began to question openly their religious beliefs and the teachings of the church.
Long term effect in the Enlightenment. 3 Importance of the Individual.
Define Salon Wealthy women in Paris hosted regular social gatherings where philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, and other intellectuals met to discuss ideas of the day.
What is Neoclassical Replaced the ornate style of 1600s and early 1700s. Simple and elegant style that borrowed ideas and themes from classical Greece and Rome.
What are Enlightened Despots Monarchs who embraced the new ideas of the Enlightenment and made reforms that reflected hat spirit. Respected rights of their subjects.
Who was Frederick the Great Granted many religious freedoms, reduced censorship, improved educations. Reformed justice system, abolished torture.
Who was Joseph II Legal reform, freedom of press, freedom of worship for Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and Jews.