Chapter 16

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accelerometer A type of gyroscope used in mobile devices to sense the physical position of the device
Action bar On an Android device, an area at the bottom of the screen that can contain up to five custom software buttons
AirDrop A feature of iOS whereby iPhones and iPads can transfer files between nearby devices
Airplane Mode A setting within a mobile device that disables the cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth antennas so the device cannot transmit signals
Android An operating system used on mobile devices that is based on the Linux OS and supported by Google
APK The format used by Android apps for distributing the app in a package of files wrapped into one file with an .apk file extension
App Store The app on a Apple device that can be used to download content form the iTunes Store website
Apple ID A user account that uses a valid email address and password and is associated with a credit card number that allows you to download iOS updates and patches, apps, and mutimedia content
Apps Drawer An android app that lists and manages all apps installed on the device. By default, this app's icon is in the favorites tray on an Android screen
Bluetooth PIN code A code that may be required to complete the bluetooth connection in a pairing process
closed source Software owned by a vendor that requires a commercial license to install and use the software
emergency notification Government alerts, such as AMBER alerts, that are sent to mobile devices in an emergency
factory default To restore a mobile device or other computer to its state at the time of purchase. The operating system is reinstalled and all user data and settings are lost
Favorites Tray On Android devices, the area above the Action bar that contains up to seven apps or group of apps
force stop To abruptly end an app without allowing the app to go through its close process
geotracking A mobile device routinely reports its position to Apple, Google, or Microsoft at least twice a day, which makes it possible for these companies to track your device's whereabouts
Gmail A email service provided by Google
Google account A user account, which is a valid email address, that is registered on the Google Play website
Google Play The official source for Android apps, also called the Android Marketplace
GPS A receiver that uses the system of 24 or more satellites orbiting the Earth. The receiver locates four or more of these satellites , which calculates its own position called triangulation
gyroscope A device that contains a disc that is free to move and can respond to gravity as the device is moved
Handoff A technique of devices and computers made by Apple that lets you start a task on one device, such as an iPad, then pick up that task on another device
hard reset A factory reset which erases all data and settings and restores the device to original factory default state
hotspot A small area that offers connectivity to a wireless network, such as a Wi-Fi network
iCloud Backup A feature of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod whereby the devices content is backed up to the cloud
iCloud Drive Storage space at icloud that can be synced with files stored on any Apple mobile device or any personal computer
IMEI A unique number that identifies a mobile phone or tablet device worldwide. The number can usually be found imprinted on the device
IMSI A unique number that identifies a cellular subscription for a device or subscriber, along with its home country and mobile network
iOS The operating system owned and developed by Apple and used for its various mobile devices
iPad A handheld tablet developed by Apple
iPhone A smart phone developed by Apple
iPod Touch A multimedia recorder and player developed by Apple
iTunes Store Apple website where apps, music, TV shows, movies, books, podcasts, and iTunes U content can be purchased and downloaded to Apple devices
iTunes U Content at the iTunes Store website that contains lectures and even complete courses from many schools, colleges, and universities
jailbreaking A process to break through the restrictions that only allow to an iOS device to be downloaded form the iTunes Store . Gives the user root or administrator privileges to the operating system and the entire file system and complete access to all commands an
lanucher The Android graphical user interface that includes multiple home screens, and supports windows, panes, and 3D graphics
location data Data that a device can routinely report to a website, which can be used to locate the device on a map
Microsoft Exchange A server application that can handle email, contacts, and calenders and is a popular application used by large corporations
Microsoft Store The official source for Windows apps
Miracast A wireless display-mirroring technology that requires a Miracast-capable screen or dongle in order to mirror a smart phone's display to a TV, a wireless monitor, or a wirless projector
mobile payment service An app that allows you to use your smart phone or other mobile device to pay for merchandise or services at a retail checkout counter
notifications Alerts and related information about apps and social media sent to mobile devices
open source Source code for an operating system or other software whereby the source code is available for free and anyone can modify and redistribute the source code
pairing The process of two Bluetooth devices establishing connectivity
PRL A list of preferred service providers or radio frequencies your carrier wants a mobile device to use and is stored on a Removable User Identity Module card installed in the device
Product Release Instructions Information published by the manufacturer of an operating system that describes what to expect from a published update to the OS
rooting The process of obtaining root or admin privilges to an Android device, which then gives you complete access to the entire file system and all commands and features
screen orientation The layout or orientation of the screen that is either portrait or landscape
SDK A group of tools that developers use to write apps.
S/MINE A protocol that encrypts an outgoing email message and includes a digital signature and is more secure than SMTP, which does not use encryption
soft reset To forcefully reboot the device by pressing and holding the power button
tethering To connect a mobile device with a cellular connection to the Internet to a computer so that the computer can access the Internet by way of the mobile device
virtual assiant A mobile device app that responds to a user's voice commands with a personable, conversational interaction to perform tasks and retrieve information
Wi-Fi calling On mobile devices, voice calls that use VoLP over a Wi-Fi connection to the internet
Windows Phone (WP) An operating system by Microsoft that is based on Windows and is used on various smart phones