Bio cell cycle

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Term Definition
Mitosis the reporduction of cells through cell division
Fertilization the fussion of male and female gametes to forma zygote
Centromoere the part of a chromosome that links to two sisters chromatids together
Carcinogen a substance capable of causing cancer in a living tissue
Meiosos a speciallized mitosis that process that reduces the chromosme count by half; occurs in reproductive cells
Differentiation the process in which a cell gets its job; less speciallized to more speciallized
Centriole the organnelle that aids in mitosis
Malignant a cancerous tumor
Gamete the male and female reproductive cells that join to together to form a zygote
Zygote the combination of a male and female gamete, first step of a child
Cleavage furrow how the animal cell splits; sides pinch in and then it splits
Benign not harmful
Somatic body cells
Cytokinesis the phase of the cell cycle when the cell divides
Cell Plate the cytkinesis of a plant cell; builds a wall between the cells
Haploid having half the number of chromosomes; sex cells; 23 chromosomes
Chromosome an X shape of wound up DNA
G1 stage of growth
Diploid the amount of chromosomes is 46
Chromatid a section of the chromosome
Telophase the seperated DNA is put inside of a nuclear membrane
Interphase the cell grows and duplicates it's DNA; 99% of its life
Metaphase The chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell and the spindle fibers attach to it
Prophase DNA is organized into chromosmes and centrioles go to the poles
Anaphase the sister chromatids are pulled away from eachother by the spindle fibers
Cancer uncontroled cell division
S phase the phase when DNA is duplicatied
G2 cell prepares for mitosis; rapid growth