Bill of Rights First Ten Amendments of the US Constitution

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Citizens can keep and bear arms. This is the second amendment that allows people to own guns and protect themselves.
The fifth amendment The government can not deny you of your life, liberty or property without due process of law.
Citizens have the right to freedoms of speech, religion, and press; and the rights to assemble peacefully and petition the government. The first amendment.
The fourth amendment No unreasonable searches and seizures.
Bail, fines and punishments cannot be excessive. The eighth amendment
You don't have to house soldiers in your home during peacetime. The third amendment
The seventh amendment. The right to have a jury hear your case in most civil
If a power isn’t given to the federal government, it goes to the states or the people. The tenth amendment
Did you find a right not listed in the Constitution? It still belongs to
the people!
The ninth amendment
The sixth amendment The right to have a jury hear your case in a criminal trial.