Academic Vocabualry

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Question Answer
hints the author gives to help define a difficult word context clues
to examine for similarities compare
to examine for differences contrast
the combination of parts or elements to create a whole synthesize
spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation conventions
sound words Onomatopoeia
a plan to help make sense of information schema
a word or phrase describing a noun adjective
a word or phrase describing a verb adverb
a more interesting or specific verb vivid verbs
a comparison using "like" or "as" simile
an extreme exaggeration hyperbole
when the reader understands something but the character does not irony
separating something into parts and studying how the parts are related (break apart and investigate) analyze
tells a story or describing a sequence of events narrative
the act of creating characters characterization
the time and place where the story takes place setting
a struggle between characters or opposing forces conflict
conversation between characters dialogue
to put things in order sequence
the perspective a story is told from point-of-view
a story based on one's own life and told in first person personal narrative
an initial action; an event that makes something else happen cause
the result of an event or action effect
water hydro
name onym
ancient arch
time chronos
rule crat
to lead duct
to hang pend
new nov
keep serv
number numer