2nd Grade Science Ch 8 Matter

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Question Answer
One of the properties of matter is texture – describe texture hard, soft, rough and smooth
Why do we use a microscope to see matter? Matter is made of parts that are very small
Why is milk a liquid? because it takes the shape of its container
What fills up the inside of a balloon? gas
what state does water vapor become when it is cooled? liquid (state of matter)
Can you add color to water without changing its state of matter? yes
When you take a container of ice cream out of the freezer – what happens? the ice cream melts but the container stays the same
Does solids like a feather and a pencil float in a container of water? yes
Does solids like paper clips and rocks float in a container of water? no they sink
Can you seperate a mixture of rocks and water? yes, let the rocks sink to the bottom then you can pour out the water using a container with holes