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Term Definition
ADVOCACY Word -of -mouth advertising, strategies, and referrals from a business’s current customers to its potential customers .
AFFIRMATION A positive statement about a present or desired strength; something you want to accept, incorporate, or develop
AFRICAN AMERICAN Black American whose ancestors came from Africa .
AGE The number of years a person has lived .
AGED PRODUCT A product whose quality has been improved by allowing it to sit for a period of time, e.g., lumber, cheese.
ACTUARY A person who assesses risk using statistical analysis and helps design policies to minimize the cost of that risk
ADAPTABILITY Flexibility; the ability to adjust to changing conditions.
ADJUST To fit; to adapt yourself effectively to a particular set of circumstances
ADVERTISEMENT Any paid form of non -personal presentation of ideas, goods or services
ADVERTISING Any paid form of non -personal presentation of ideas, images, goods, or services